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Why Detox?

Most of the chronic Conditions like Obesity,Diabetes,Thyroid & Harmonal imbalance etc are due to the toxins we accumulate on daily basis through the food we eat,the air we breathe & the stress we undergo etc.Over a Period of time these toxins create havoc in our system and bring us to a state of DIS-EASE.Detox program helps us to flush these toxins making us feel young and energetic.Detox is a first step in your Journey towards Ideal weight & Vibrant health.

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Signs of Body Toxins

  • Constant fatigue
  • Weight Gain/Obesity
  • Harmonal Imbalance
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Constipation & Acidity
  • Skins Problems & Premature Ageing

What to Expect from the Program?

Cleanses the body

Helps the body organs to Flush the toxins

Lose upto 2.5kgs

As toxins get flushed you start losing weight

Radiant Skin

Your skin will glow and you will feel young

Get light & Energetic

Feel Light and energetic,Brings Healthy you

Steps Involved

Sign up & Complete Profile

Sign up & complete your profile with details like weight, height, health condition etc as this helps us to design a personalized plan


Pay & Choose Start Date

Make payment either online or through cash/cheque deposit to our account and select your Detox Program start Date


Consultation with Expert

Our experts will go through your profile and have a telephonic consultation based on your start date of the program


Detox Diet Plan

Our Nutrition expert will post the Personalized Detox Diet Plan to you Based on your Profile and Guides you about the same


Yoga Routine

Our Yoga expert will provide a Yoga routine to assist the detoxification.Yogasana combined with Pranayama and Mindfulness Cleanse the toxins from body & mind


Health Tracker & Assistance

You can track the food/activity with details like Calories, Nutrients etc during the program, You can reach to us anytime during the program for assistance

Let's clear those last minute doubts

Does a detox diet mimic starvation/fasting?

No, not at all! A well planned detox diet includes a wide variety of healthy foods that keep your body adequately nourished. This diet is more of a cleansing diet that is meant to flush out toxins from your body leaving you feeling lighter and rejuvenated.

What are toxins and how we accumulate them?

To the human body, oxygen free radicals are toxins. They are produced as a result of imbalanced diet, pollution, drugs, smoking and stress to name a few. Free radicals in the body create havoc and are potential carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and is responsible for premature ageing.

Sample Diet Plan
Does it help in Weight Loss?

Yes, when the Fat soluble Toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants become water soluble and get eliminated from body, We Tend to lose the body fat and become healthy

Why Am I not allowed to eat certain "healthy" foods such as Dairy products?

Nutrients are absorbed through tiny hair like villi along the walls of our intestines. Certain foods hinder food metabolism and efficient digestion by clogging the villi of the intestinal tract. Examples of clogging foods are Dairy products, wheat products (gluten), processed foods etc. If the tiny villi get clogged, you won't feel nourished, no matter how much you eat.

Who can take this detox plan?

Most people are allowed to take up the detox diet plan. Any medications taken by you, should be continued. Pregnant and lactating mothers, and those suffering from chronic diseases like liver and kidney diseases should stay away from detox diet and eat a generally healthy, well balanced diet.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, expect to feel tired, dizzy, bloated or constipated. Your body is getting used to the new way of eating. These symptoms will usually last 2-3 days into the program and will gradually diminish. Always consult your practitioner or nutritionist before taking up this plan

Can I continue this diet forever?

No, detox diets are typically meant to be followed for a week to ten days. After the detox diet is over, you could gradually ease into a less restrictive diet, but a healthy one including lots of fruits and veggies.

Want to Know more about the Program?

Bringing together 30+ Years of experience

Dr Pradnya Mandar

MD in Ayurveda

23 years of exp

Avani Shah

AYUSH Certiified Yoga Trainer

5 years of exp

Shilpa Balachander

MS in Dietetics

7 years of exp

Namrata Pandya

PG Diploma in Dietetics

13 years of Exp

Consulting Doctor

Its Challenging, Its Refreshing and Its very Effective!

Disclaimer:Benefits of Detox vary from person to person